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The Palestinians are on crossroads

The White House sponsered a historic signiture ceremony of Yaser Arafat the PLO leader and Mr. Ytisak Rabin the Israeli Prime Minister on Oslo Accords
The Oslo Accords as both sids named it called for the ceasation of all hostilith acts against each other after 29 years of war and distruction between 1965 and 1994
Palestine Liberation Organization aimed at establishing the promised State of Palestine for the Palestinian people on the 1967 borders and Israel will be recognized by the Palestinians and Arab states
Both leadersArafat and Rabin were assasinated by Israel intelegence services Mossad.
The peace accord which was forged to bring peace failed to acheive its goal for one reason Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians and failed all the meetings in Washington DC ,Camp David ,and Wyriverin the 1990s.
Each time both sides sat down to address the five main issues of Refugees , Borders, Jerusalem ,Prisoners and Settelments the Israelis pushed for later time discussion on these issues while the illegal settlements continue in the Palestinian territories.
More than one Israeli government came and gone and the United Staes of America the peace process broker kept silent. Some times issued a shy statement fell short of codemnation or warning to the Israeli violation of the peace processAccord. The US engaged in a double standard of policy practice strongly condeming any rock throwing at the Israeli army while arresting more Palestinians.The US denied the Palestinians the right of civil resistance and kept silent when the Israeli army committed killings and mass arrest against Palestinians. This US policy encouraged the Israelis to continue building settelements in the West Bank which eliminating any chance for future Palestinian State to being.

The US recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel violating all international laws and the United Nations resolutions condeming all the Israeli practices against the Palestinian land and people.
Since Oslo Accord Israel stop Palestinians from the West Bank to go to Jerusalem to worship.
The US protested that as violation until President Trump legitimised the Israeli practices and consider it as part of the security of Israel
The US stop the fund to the Palestinian Authority which installed in the West Bank and Gaza.

Also ordered the Palestinians to stop going to the International Court of Justice to bring Israel to the Court for the atrocities commited by the Israeli Army.
The US called on all the Arab countries to recognize the State of Israel even wthout international recognized borders.

Some Arab countries receive US aid and military protection such as Egypt, Jordan, UAE Abu Dabi, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan opened embassies in Tel Aviv. Such recognition weakened the Arab steadfast against the Israeli aggression and their support for the Palestinians cause.
In 2007 as a result of the US and Israel support installed President Mahmoud Abbas as the President of the Palestinian Authority denying other prominent Palestinian leaders from becoming elected for the same position. This intervention in Palestinian internal affairs resulted in the separation of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority control and installed Hamas group as ruling faction there.
The separation of Gaza from the West Bank became a defacto separation through various Israeli steps had taken on the ground by stopping the officials of PA from moving between the West Bank and Gaza so the services to Gaza through the onlg crossing in Eretz.
The Israeli Army made several ground incurssions into Gaza since 2007. They stop doing that after Gaza maintain some rocket power and threatened all the Israeli citis and towns .

Hamas put the rules of the game in the Arab and Muslim part of the City of old Jerusalem as shown on the map of 1967 war and the Israeli occupation of fhe West Bank and Jerusalem and put an end for Jordan rule there.
The Palestinian Authority control is fading over the West bank. Some Palestinian various groups emerging vowing to fight the Israelis occupation in the West bank by the help of Gaza umbrella and succeeded to certain degree as we watched in early June 2023 the defeat and the humiliation of the Israeli Army incurssion into the City of Jenine and its refugee camp.

The Israeli army was not be able to enter a small strip of land and buildings in Jenine Refugee Camp.
The Israeli face saving issued a series of revenge decrees and stipulated harsh treatment of Palestinians.

The Israeli government confiscated most of tax revenues collected by the Israeli banks on imported goods for the West bank and Gaza worth of millions of dollars.

This highway rubbery and no other terms to describe it. The Palestinian Authority has become not able to pay its bills and salaries for employees. All the infrustructre, social and education services had come to a complete halt.

Neither Jerusalem nor refugees of 1948 nor the seven thousands of Palestinian prisoners since 1967 nor the erected settelements or the new ones and the borders of the State of Israel on the map were addressed since Rabin and Arafat assassination on the hands of the Israeli Intelegence services the Mossad.
By talking to various Palestinian leaders and knowing the Israeli intentions and the failiure of the US policy there the fate of the Question of Palestine is in dissarray.

There is a new bloody chapter is taking place and will shape the face of the region in the coming months and years. Israel is not backing down on removing its settelements in the West Bank on illegal seized land and annexing Jerusalem with the blessing of the US violating all the United Nations resolution and the security Council whic called and recognized all the rights of Palestinians.

The history will judge the US behavior of supporting the Israeli aggression on the Palestinians while pouring the billions of dollars and weapons in Ukrain in support of the Ukranian people and ignoring with blind eye on Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.

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