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DEAD END By Dr Abdulhamid Awawdeh professor of International Relation and International Law / Editor in Chief WAFA Palestine News Agencey

On October 7, 2023 and after 75 years of the foundation of the State of Israel , Palestinian militant groups forced their way into the Palestinianseized land by Israel on the outskirt of Gaza Strip

It was the first time Israel retreats and lose control of land with humiliation of its army which suffered a decisive defeat with a lot of casualties in files and ranks and over 300 prisoners of war taken by Palestinians.

Israel had won all its wars with all Arab regular Armies in 1948, 1967, 1973 and many clashes with neighboring Arab countries.

But not this time , in a very well planned attack with complete secrecy Israel was taken by a surprise of several attacks in land, air, and sea on all cities , towns and military bases from its Northern border with Lebanon to the Southern borders with Egypt and in between.

The Islamic militant HAMAS and other groups based in Gaza launched this attack despite Gaza was under the Israeli seige since 2006.

The United States and all the European countries rally to defend the State of Israel by sending troops, ships , aircraft carriers and squandrons of military fighter jets.

One after another of Western leaders called for condemnation of the Palestinian attack and used all forms of English vocabulary as savage, bruital, inhumane and racist.

They call on Israel to defeat Gaza militant groups and launch a ground offence against Gaza and promised to supply Israel with all military means to achieve its objectives of defeating such groups and get rid any of future threat from Gaza Strip.

With the passing over a week of the war between both sides and exchange of Israel bombing Gaza and Palestinians shelling Israeli cities and towns with rockets and the mounting of civilian casualties on both sides

Someone has to come forward and make a call for ceasefire after all Western leaders declared their positions and rally around Israel.

Israel turned off water and electricity in Gaza against all international laws as a collective punishment against civilians Israel bombed hospitals and levelled over ten thousands of towers and residential complexes leaving over a half a million without shelter.

President Biden is gonna visit Israel to show support and American commitment for the security of Israel so the French president will follow persuit and the British Prime Minister dispatch his foreign minister to visit and show solidarity so the German Chancellor calling and sending arms to share in bombing Gaza.

Will Israel dare to go for ground war into Gaza this is the worrying question for those announced their initial call for Israel to go into Gaza and wipe out the Palestinian militants including HAMAS.

They are backing away from their calls and calling for huminitarian aid to Palestinians and restoring water supplies to Gaza.

What happened Israel and the NATO members are massing troops and the most advance war machine in our time to attack a small piece of land smaller in size than the city of London why they are backing away of that attack.

Yes they can bring all their armies and weapons and attack the 2.5 millions of Palestinians in Gaza but they are not gonna win the war because it is not a classic war it is a just cause for the Palestinian people to defend their land Gaza and the one under the Israeli occupation and this coalition of aggressors know that.

One third of Gaza is ruins and leveled to the ground but not the peoples moral and their determination to fight the aggressors Israel and the USA and Europe.

Is Biden visit on wednsday 18 is going to end the war and suffering for the Palestinians and the Israelis ?

No, he is coming to push for more fighting and more arms sales in the region because the Arab countries are a huge market for the American made weapons and they are using it against each other and pay cash not on a credit or a loan from the World Bank.

For the Israeli side the US Congress will pass a bill to cover all the Israeli needs as usual military aid.

On October 17 the Israeli military bomb a hospital in the city of Gaza and killed 1400 people in the hospital children, women patients and visitors for war wounded family members.

The bombing happen during the family visit time and the hospital was loaded with doctors nurses patients and family visitors.

The United States kept silent not condeming the bombing and the White House spokesman declined the interview which show the US responsibility for the bombing and according to an Israeli military expert to channel 12 news it is US made bomb

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