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Biden with Bloody Hands

By Dr Abdulhamid Awawdeh / proffesor of International Ralation an Law / Yaser Aeafat Advisor and Spokesman / Editor in Chief WAFA Palestine News Agency :- Twenty four days of carpet bombing on GAZA STRIP, including the major Cities of Gaza, khan Younus and Rafah, over 8,000 civilians dead and double this number injured 99.9% women and children.

Is this the way that American dreams and ideals of democracy, liberty and justice for all are promoted in the world. We do not think so Mr President Joseph Biden and 535 Senators and members of US Congress and 9 US Supreme Court Justices.

Two millions and half Palestinians living under seige with limited food, water, medicine and freedom since Israel imposed an open prison policy on the Strip in 2006

Israel imposed limited movement in and out of Gaza and the quantity of food medicine and basic human needs to reach the Strip from any source.

As the fighting entered the twenty fourth day the Palestinian casualties reached over 8 thousands and the wounded near the twenty thousands and Mr Biden says he is doubt of the numbers released by the Ministry of Health in Gaza despite they were documented as the dead of 212 pages names and an Israeli IDs because Israel suppose to issue the IDs for all Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Mr. President, no Palestinian ever destroy or damage an American interests any where for you to take a hostile position against them.

You should work for peace and justice in the Middle East especially for Palestinians and you know that the US Government voted many and sponsored many UN resolutions called for the self determination for the Palestinian people and for them to have their own soverign state side by side with your favourite state of Israel.

The Palestinian people population hit 14 millions living in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and in many Arab, European, America and Ausrtalia.

Mr. President you will stand infront of the International Court of Justice Joined with Nitenyaho the Israeli Prime Minister for slaughtering and destroying the lifelyhood of Gazan people sooner or later even after your death.

You said you did not draw any redline for Israel and your order for them was to kill Palestinians as much Israel can, this is the interpretation of your order with the American made weapons and ammunition given to Israel.


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